Our operations are currently focused in East Texas and Northern Louisiana.

With a focus on stewardship and development, Brookston Energy acquires and operates assets in East Texas and North Louisiana with an intentionality second to none. We leverage our lean operating model to reinvigorate properties to realize their full potential.  Through our upstream and midstream synergies, and our expertise in conventional and unconventional development, Brookston has laid the foundation for continued success for our stakeholders, neighbors, and royalty owners for years to come.

As we continue to develop and monetize our assets, Brookston is committed to being an environmentally conscious and accountable benefactor, investor and operator that aims to responsibly capture, employ, and impact local communities in which it owns assets.  With the continuous advancement of the investment landscape, we are committed to actively engaging with colleagues, policymakers, and organizations to pursue and help strengthen industry standards that effectively address ESG issues.